Service to Communities

We are determined to develop outstanding role model Muslim children who are proud to be Muslims, and ready to contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our country and where ever they travel in the world.

  • We are dedicated to develop a sense of personal accountability and, responsibility to others in our learners.

  • We are devoted to a charitable endeavor of our students and to bring a difference to our world.

Our Vision

Reshaping and nurturing today’s young people, inspiring tomorrow’s leaders

Our Values

  • Achieving human excellence in an intellectual, social,physical,and spiritual context.
  • To raise students who demonstrate impeachable Islamic character along with advanced academic skills and exemplary citizenship.
  • To develop cognitive and social skills through integrating Islamic values with national curriculum.
  • To explore all the possible strategies that lead towards enhancing student’s performance with increased involvement and collaboration of parents.


  • Demonstrating a positive attitude and appropriate behaviors are key elements to high academic achievement. Our school’s wide-discipline policy is derived from Islamic principles that aim to protectively approach
  • unacceptable behavior through means of studentscollaboration in order to help to analyze their actions and take full responsibility of their outcomes.